Discover our care routine for dry skin

Facial Tonic – Flowtox Cleansing Tonic


pH balancing: It helps to balance the skin's pH after the cleansing to restore balance

Clarifying effect: It can help remove excess sebum and dirt from the skin.

Calming and moisturizing Effect: Ingredients such as allantoin, witch hazel and NMF

✓ Preparation for further care, such as a serum or one Moisturizer.

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Ultimate Lift - Elite Flow Elixir G6


✓ Power booster with Filler effect

Protects before premature Skin aging

✓ The skin becomes plumper, smoother and fresher

Donate intense humidity and binds you long-term in the skin

✓ For noticeably more Tension & elasticity

✓ For every Suitable for skin type

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Hyaluronic facial cream – Daily 24/7 cream


✓ Rich lipid balancing Anti-aging 24h Nourishing cream

✓ Supplies the skin with humidity and binds them

Smoothes the skin, revitalized and effective intensive counteracts skin aging

✓ Stimulates the Collagen synthesis & the skin renewal process

Protects the skin from environmental influences and free radicals

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This is what our valued customers say

The anti-aging products exceeded my expectations - they visibly improved my skin and reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I feel youthful and radiant again!

Britta / Munich

I've been looking for care for my pronounced expression lines around my eyes and frown lines for a long time. I have been using this product for three weeks now and my skin is smoother and the depth of wrinkles is significantly reduced. The skin around the frown lines is also noticeably relaxed. The skin is very well moisturized and is an ideal basis for other products, such as make-up.

Barbara / Nuremberg

The Elite Flow Elixir has transformed my skin - it works like wonders and leaves me looking radiant, smooth and youthful!

Mira / Dortmund

The caffeine-containing eye serum is a real insider tip - it reduces dark circles, fights puffiness and makes my eyes shine!

Nina / Radevormwald

The spray system makes application super easy. Hygiene is very important, which makes the product particularly appealing. A clever solution for clean and economical application!

Susanne / Dusseldorf

The blue serum is simply awesome! After just a few days I was asked about my skin what I was using. 100 % recommendation!

jasmine / Vienna


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